Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Reddit Gets Drawn: BendyBones

Here is my Reddit Gets Drawn warm-up drawing of BendyBones. I used a combination of Autodesk and Illustrator Draw to make this image.

Digital Drawing for reddit of user BendyBones. Image is drawn by

Below is a time-lapse of my image drawing process. Hope you enjoy and CC is always welcome.

Terence the T-Rex

So, I wrote and created my first ever book, Terence the T-Rex. It tells the story of what happens when someone is made fun of because they are different. I chose the design style of making every image look like a child colored the book with a crayon, because I believe that it adds a child's perspective on what they might go through when they are introduced into a new situation and made fun of in that situation. Terence is a great book that teaches everyone the importance of not to bully people and treating people that are different is wrong.

Terence the T-Rex How to Deal with Bullies Cover

Currently, copies of Terence the T-Rex are available on Amazon's website for both the Kindle and paperback format and can be gotten here.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Drawlloween - Day 6 - Fokelore Friday

I hope you enjoy my image of Paul Bunyon and his buddy Babe the Blue Ox.

Watch me draw the video below.