Support My Drawing

So are you interested in helping me on my endeavor to get my art to the next level?

Do you like my drawings, but would like me to get better?

Are you a fan of one of my drawings that maybe I drew of you or a loved one?

If any of these things are things that you are interested in, feel free to buy things through Amazon through the link on the right? If you can't see the link click here and it will take you right to my Amazon Affiliate Link. I can't say that I benefit from Amazon if you buy anything from it, so I wont say anything about that, but wouldn't it be great to live in a perfect world.

If you see my drawings and think he's doing well, and would like to see me get better, then feel free to click the amazon list below, which will go to an amazon wishlist that is constantly getting updated that includes things that I need to increase my skills, these things like sketchbooks, pens, pencils, training books, graphic novels to read to better understand comic book stories, etc.

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